Fakes Amongst the Original: Identifying the Right Tobacco Product!


“…And you’re opening your body up to a whole bunch of things you have no control over.”

Fake Cigarettes contain substances that can be potentially risky to your health you might not know about.

Find out How Fake Tobacco Products are no less than a menace to your Lifestyle?

1. Excessive Substance Against Standards

Fake Cigarettes contain five times the level of Cadmium, six times as much Lead, 160 per cent more Tar and 133 per cent more Carbon Monoxide.

Why you should care: Consuming extensive tobacco in a single puff could lead to serious respiratory problems.

2. Containing Toxic Materials

Fake tobacco manufacturers don’t follow any quality standards, leading to producing with harmful substances like weedkillers, met al splinters, dead insects and rat faeces.

Why you should care: Any consumption of such harmful substances severely impacts your health and can be fatal!

3. You are Paying for Nothing

Many Fake Tobacco Products contain no tobacco, and you might be fooled into spending for nothing — while funding organised crime.

Why you should care: Buying Fake Tobacco is evading taxes and contributing to horrendous crimes like terror attacks.

Fakes Amongst the Original: Identifying the Right Tobacco Product!
Finding Fakes Amongst Original Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Usually, counterfeit cigarettes are smuggled along with illegal cigarettes, which are genuine but smuggled to evade taxes. With the help of such sneaky networks and crime groups, Counterfeiters inject purely illegitimate packages into the smuggled ones.

Thereby fooling the retailers and wholesalers into shelving the Fakes Amongst the Originals.

But, the question after the Tobacco Products are on shelves is not about them but about us.

How do we determine & identify if the Pack of Cigarettes we bought is authentic?

And, it doesn’t occur what Vancouver’s chief medical officer, Dr John Blatherwick, says, “People think it’s a great deal, the truth is they’re not getting a great deal. They’re getting a lousy deal. You could be taking all sorts of things into your lungs. You’re opening your body up to a whole bunch of things you have no control over.”

Here are some methods by which you can identify and avoid buying a fake tobacco product in case of suspicion:

  1. See the Price: If the product’s price is less than the average selling price, it will most likely be a counterfeit.
  2. The Location: Any pack of cigarettes sold away from a legitimate shop is definitive or most likely to be counterfeit and should be avoided.
  3. Missing information on health warnings or manufacturer’s details is a sign of counterfeit tobacco products.
  4. Poor Packaging, incorrect spellings, odd-looking typefaces or logos holds a high suspicion of Fake Tobacco.
  5. An unusual smell or taste is also a sign of a cigarette containing doubtful substances.

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